In a little cottage deep in the woods is home to two short and squat men called Paul and Percy.

The two have a massive obsession for biscuits. One day the biscuits had been stolen by a little thief that had vanished through a portal. Percy and Paul had no choice but to go after him.

The journey to the path of the biscuit thief is full of puzzle sand teamwork by pushing blocks defeating slug creatures, moving clouds and so much more.

A teamwork puzzle game from Kipper Digital, with split levels and each side rotated to a 90 degrees’ angle meaning down is towards the center.

Paul and Percy start on different sides with the goal of reaching their exit portal to progress a little more.

Struggles likes the portals being too high to reach means moving blocks and pushing them together to create stairways and platforms to climb.

Moveable blocks can be pushed to create a whole stack to make an elevator for the other character.

You will find many creatures and little beings ready to help along the way.

The controls can take a little getting used to being that they seem to go against the well-known gaming principles for an example up normally creates a jump. Instead, you will start at the bottom of your screen and move vertically towards the portal remaining at the top.

The spacebar changes between your characters, Paul can be made to jump by pushing the left arrow key and the right key allows him to push his feet along the blocks that are below him.

Percy’s left and his right are drooped so if you make a mistake press the [z] key to go back one step.

Hitting [R] will restart the whole level if needed.

The goal of the game is to get both of your characters, Paul and Percy to the white portals, these portals will only work in pairs.

There are some levels that feature a special bonus round full of biscuits.

Collecting all the biscuits is not necessary to win that level but it will give you an achievement which is important for every gamer as is biscuits to Percy and Paul.

The game is quite fun with simply graphics and a soundtrack similar to the 90’s consoles.

There are forty-seven puzzles to complete between you and the cookie stealing thief and it’s up to you and the two intriguing Percy and Paul to conquer the thief and retrieve those biscuits.

The game does provide a basic tutorial but a lot of the levels involves learning what the blocks do, due to pure and simple trial and error.

This game is like the rest of the puzzling world it involves strict planning and a lot of logic with a few frustrating times that will require you to look at the level with different approaches.

Paul and Percy can be played on your iPad or in your computer browser whichever you prefer.

This game can become quite addicted for all ages from older children to adults.